Workshop points


I read that additional points for the entrance exam can be acquired from attending the workshops. Does this mean there’s a need to be onsite for the workshop in order to get those points? Is there an alternative way of acquiring these points for the entrance exam, for example by solving those workshop tasks online?


Hello Kristina,

You will acquire the points only by solving the tasks in our Judge System, which you can do online, no need to present in the academy.

Good luck!


Hi Nadya,

Could you please specify which tasks provide the bonus points? Is it the exam preparation workshop tasks - the ones which were part of the JS preparation course and were split into individual contests (Arrays, Loops, etc.). Is it the two mock exams? Or is it something else entirely?


Hi Emil,

Based on the number of successfully completed tasks from all the workshops you’ll receive up to 40 additional points (max 10 points per workshop).
You need to solve them using languages that are permitted for the alpha you are applying for.

More about the workshops you can read in the corresponding preparation course.

Good luck,

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