Workshop JavaScript - 11 December 2018 (Tuesday)


On this Workshop we will discuss what are loops and solve some problems related with them.

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Question: What are the different types of loops in JavaScript?


Here’s what I found… but which of those could we find in our ENTRY EXAM ? :slight_smile:

  • while
  • do-while
  • for
  • forEach()
  • map()
  • for…in
  • for…of



На изпита няма да има никакво значение, кой от тези варианти ще използваш. Всеки от тях има особености, но на тези задачи не влияят.



This may be a bit off topic for the workshop on Tuesday, but if we have time I’d like to know the answer.
Question: What is the most concise way to solve the Chess Square Color problem from the Conditional Statements contest? What is the most concise way to do so only using conditional statements?
Question: Since there isn’t a defined constraint for the input values, is there a clever way to solve the Chinese Zodiac problem from the Conditional Statements contest using only conditional statements?


Question Why am I not able to find the tasks for Conditional Statements and for Loops? I joined the contests and the timer is ticking, but only the Basic Programming tasks, which I’ve already solved, are showing up.


Цъкни Leave на Basic Programming contest-a и тогава ще можеш да си избереш ново състезание, към което да се присъединиш.

JavaScript Preparation: Conditional Statements & Loops


Утре изцяло online ли ще се проведе workshop-a или ще има и опция за приъствено? Ако има в коя зала?



Здравей, всички workshops ще се проведат присъствено в Телерик Академия в залата на втория етаж.