Unclear instructions

Ok, this is a confusing… the instructions given are horrid for the exercises.

This is the instructions given :
"When you buy something to drink you make a deposit for the bottle. Each bottle has a different deposit. Half liter bottles have $0.1 deposit and the one liter bottles have $0.25 deposit. Calculate the sum which you will make when returning the bottles. You must print two digits after the decimal point. "

There are no clear instructions - what I mean is this:

  1. Are you getting half a liter and a liter bottle and then trying to to see how much you are getting back for both (i.e. 10 cents plus 25 cents)?
  2. Define the prices clearly for the bottles how much is the small and how much is the large one - it’s missing.
  3. Define clearly what you want me to do.

The way these examples are given are confusing at best.
I’m not sure who is writing these but they are not formulated clearly or for English speaking people, more like they were put through google translate.

So can somebody please tell me what is the goal of the exercise?


You don’t really need the prices of the bottles. You just need the number of small bottles and the number of large ones. After that you just need to calculate the total sum of the deposit that you will get back by returning those bottles, if I remember the task correctly.


Thanks Martin!
You are absolutely right.
I was a bit stuck and overwhelmed. I let my frustration get the best of me.
Thanks for the clarification and the time to respond!

Best Regards

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Hi, did you solve the problem?