Odd and Even Product въпрос

Здравейте! Реших задачата във vs code и там работи добре, но когато я пренасявм в джъдж ми дава само 20 точки. // VS Codelet arr = [5, 4, 3, 2, 5, 2];let N = arr[0];let even = 1;let - Pastebin.com


Odd and Even Product


You are given N integers, each on a new line

  • Write a program that checks whether the product of the odd lines is equal to the product of the even lines.
  • Lines are counted from 1 to N , so the first line is odd, the second is even, etc.


  • On the first line you will receive the number N
  • On each of the next N lines , you will receive a number


  • If the two products are equal, output a string in the format “yes PRODUCT_VALUE” , otherwise write on the console "no ODD_PRODUCT_VALUE EVEN_PRODUCT_VALUE"


  • N will always be a valid integer number in the range [4, 50]
  • All input numbers will also be valid integers in range [-1000000, 1000000]

let N = +gets;

Трябва да извикаш функцията gets - липсват ти кръглите скоби;


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