Final Entrance Exam VS Mock Exams VS Practical Tasks (JavaScript)


What is the difference in the rules of taking the Final Entrance Exam VS Mock Exams VS Practical Tasks, besides the timer?

For example, do you have unlimited number of “Submit Solution” attempts? As I got used to working in VS Code and then pasting the solution in the System, is this still a good approach for the Final Entrance Exam? Can you still see the results from the individual test cases? Do you still see the input vs output etc.



Dear Mladen,

Here is the breakdown:

  • Final Entrance Exam: This is the exam that will decide whether you are accepted in the Alpha program or not (this and your application). There are usually two entrance exam - an early-bird one and a final one.
  • Mock Exams: Use these to practice for the entrance exam. You can for example time yourself. You can solve the mock exams as many times as you want.
  • Practical Tasks: These tasks are for practice. You can submit as many solutions as you wish. Solve all Practice Tasks for bonus points towards you application.

The test cases are available for none of the three.

I hope this clears things up a little.


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Thanks, so we will bring our laptops and work on our IDEs and you will provide WiFi etc.?

This is how it usually works, but for now, all operations are done remotely. This includes exams and trainings. So until it’s safe to go back on-site, as long as you have WiFi at home and your laptop with your IDE, you are good to go :).

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