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Здравейте. Не мога да намеря грешката си. Кода който съм написал ми дава 80/100.
Това е кога double price = Double.parseDouble(scanner.nextLine()) * 100; -
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Write a program that determines the least amount of coins needed for a cashier to return change.

For example, if the price of something is 0.76 leva and the customer has paid 1 leva, the least amount of coins is 1 x 20 stotinki and 2 x 2 stotinki .

Use the coins of 1 lev, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 stotinki.


  • On the first line, you will receive the price in leva.
  • On the second line, you will receive how much the customer has paid in leva.


  • There is a variable amount of output lines.
  • Print each required denomination on a new line, ordered from highest to lowest.


логиката си е супер.
Само си оправи output-a при 1 ст да е както в примерния аутпут на задачата


1 x 1 stotinki

да е System.out.printf("%d x 1 stotinka%n", oneOne);

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