Are the exams in English?



Are the exams in English?


Yes :slight_smile:
-another language 2know :smiley:



Thank you.

So foreigners can join as well. Do the courses online and take exams. Only the workshops are in Bulgarian.

Thanks again


The problems/exams and I assume most outside materials are in English, but the lectures/classes are in Bulgarian, so it’s not really suitable for non Bulgarian speakers from what I’ve read/heard.


Thanks, I guess foreigners have to work a bit harder than :slight_smile:


If you have previous experience in IT, and you won’t depend much on lectures- probably you can do it ,because all exams are in English, yet, if you are just starting, communication - questions, etc , is key and maybe you really have to think about it- it could end up indeed harder , and Bulgarian is also not easy :smiley: